Beyond the Suspension: Reactivating Your Amazon Account and What Comes Next – Advice from Kelly Colman


Reactivating an Amazon account after suspension is just the beginning of the journey. Kelly Colman, an e-commerce expert, discusses what comes after reinstatement and how to maintain a healthy account moving forward.

After Submitting Your Plan of Action

The waiting game after submitting your POA can be stressful. Kelly recommends using this time wisely. “Prepare your business to hit the ground running once reinstated. Review your inventory, update your listings, and ensure you’re ready to provide excellent customer service,” she suggests. For sellers who face multiple rounds of appeals, Kelly offers a ray of hope. “Persistence is key. Learn from each Amazon response, refine your POA, and don’t give up,” she encourages.

Resources for Amazon Sellers

Kelly points out the wealth of resources available to help sellers navigate their Amazon journey. “Amazon Seller Central and the seller forums are goldmines of information,” she says. For more complex issues, she recommends seeking professional help. “Don’t hesitate to invest in expert advice. The right guidance can save your business,” Kelly adds.


Kelly’s optimistic outlook is infectious. She believes that with the right mindset and actions, sellers can overcome any challenge on Amazon. “Use your suspension as a learning experience.


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