The Art of Crafting an Effective Plan of Action – A Guide by Kelly Colman


When an Amazon seller faces account suspension, the Plan of Action (POA) becomes their most critical tool for reinstatement. Kelly Colman, an e-commerce expert, offers her insights into crafting a POA that not only addresses Amazon’s concerns but also sets the stage for a successful appeal.

Strategic Actions for Account Reactivation

Upon receiving a suspension notice, the immediate steps you take can significantly impact the outcome. Kelly recommends a thorough analysis of the suspension notice. “Identify the root cause behind Amazon’s decision. This will be the foundation of your POA,” she explains. Keeping a level head and approaching the situation methodically is crucial. “Panic leads to poor decisions. Take a breath, and tackle the issue step by step,” she adds.

Crafting an Effective Plan of Action

A successful POA, according to Kelly, directly addresses the issues raised by Amazon, outlines corrective actions taken, and details preventative measures for the future. “Be specific. Amazon wants to see that you’ve understood the problem and have a clear plan to fix it,” she says. Kelly warns against vague statements and emphasizes the importance of actionable solutions. She also highlights the common mistake of blaming Amazon for the suspension. “Take responsibility for your part. Show Amazon you’re committed to being a reliable seller on their platform,” she advises.


Kelly views the POA process as an opportunity for growth. “It’s a chance to take a hard look at your business practices and make improvements,” she says. With the right approach, sellers can turn a challenging situation into a positive outcome, coming back stronger and more compliant than before.


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