Navigating the Waters of Amazon Account Suspension – Insights from Kelly Colman


For many Amazon sellers, the thought of account suspension is akin to navigating a ship through stormy seas. The fear of losing their business overnight can be overwhelming. Enter Kelly Colman, an e-commerce expert with years of experience steering sellers through these turbulent waters, who shares her wisdom and strategies for avoiding and dealing with account suspensions.

Understanding Account Suspension and Deactivation

Amazon’s distinction between account suspension and deactivation is crucial for sellers to understand. Suspension is a temporary halt of selling privileges, often with a path for reinstatement, while deactivation might suggest a more permanent action. Kelly stresses the importance of carefully reading Amazon’s communications. “Understanding the language Amazon uses can give you clues about the severity of the issue and your next steps,” she says.

Common Reasons for Amazon Account Issues

From her extensive experience, Kelly has seen it all: from inadvertent policy violations to more complex issues like intellectual property rights infringement. She emphasizes that many suspensions stem from simple misunderstandings or neglect of Amazon’s detailed policies. “Regularly updating yourself on Amazon’s policies can be your best defense against suspension,” Kelly advises. She also underscores the importance of maintaining high performance metrics and being proactive about account security to prevent unauthorized access.


Kelly’s key message to Amazon sellers is one of proactive engagement and education. “Understanding Amazon’s policies inside and out, and staying ahead of potential issues, is your best strategy for keeping your account in good standing,” she concludes. By navigating these waters with care and preparation, sellers can avoid the storm of account suspension and keep their business sailing smoothly.


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